BANGKOK   |   SUNDAY, MARCH 11  |   2:00 - 3:30 PM

Underwater Photos Sessions are fun and relaxed. If your child has a breath-hold of a minimum of 2 seconds, we pretty much guarantee we will get wonderful photos of him or her that you will love! Parents, you can join in on the fun and have your photo taken with them as well! 


Sessions take place in a group setting of 5 swimmers per session. Swimmers will take turns submerging to have their photo taken. Full details below.


Babies & Little Ones

  • Each session is 30 minutes with spots for up to five children.


  • An adult must accompany each child in the water, unless the child is able to stand firmly in 4 feet of water. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join in and have their photo taken too!


  • A swim instructor will assist in the water at all times.


  • Each child will take turns submerging underwater to have their photo taken. Our camera will “click, click, click” away as we seek to beautifully capture many images of each child.


  • A two-second breath hold is a sufficient amount of time for us to capture a photo underwater.


  • Young babies can be “passed” from parent to parent or parent to instructor. 


Investment / Registration


• Payment is due upon reserving a session online

• Includes 2-3 artistically retouched photos

• Photos will be made available for download from an online gallery in 3-4 weeks from the shoot date


  • If you have more than one child, register them in two separate sessions and we will take photos of them together and separate


  • You may change your session time or cancel your reservation for a full refund up to two weeks prior to the shoot.  After that, refunds will only be made if we are able to fill your spot.

A few things to consider

• Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in, change clothes and to let your swimmer get comfortable in the water on the opposite end of the pool

• Bright colored swim suits look great underwater!  Avoid all solid white or all solid neon suits, our flashes tend to reflect heavily off these colors and can affect skin tones in the photos.

• Practice having your child open their eyes and smiling underwater.  Use a mirror so they can see themselves!

• Long hair looks best loose.

• Underwater photos make excellent HOLIDAY photos!


• Remember to remove contacts beforehand if you’re going to be in the photos

• Any makeup is fine but waterproof mascara is important

• Relax, submerge slowly and blow your air out before or as you’re going under to help you sink. This will also help avoid bubbles and chipmunk cheeks!

• Underwater Photo Sessions are FUN!  Just RELAX, SMILE and your photos will turn out GREAT!