Imagine, getting to customize your own underwater portrait session.

The creative possibilities are endless when you consider props and wardrobe options.

If you step out of the box and into the water we can put a fun twist on traditional portrait sessions such as








... just to name a few.  But no special occasion needed, dive into an underwater session just for the sake of fun!


Choose your pool location or come to our Studio Pool in Cedar Park, Texas.  I'd love to work with you to make you vision come to life with stunning images and final masterpieces. You don't have to be a model, just willing to relax and explore water as a medium.



• 1.5 Hour Session

• 8 Artistically Retouched Digital Images with print release

A fast-paced session perfect for a person, couple or family who is comfortable in the water and has a clear idea of the types of shots they want to achieve.  You may have time for more than one outfit change depending on how quickly you can make the change.



• 2.5 Hour Stylized Session

• 12 Artistically Retouched Digital Images with print release

• Highlight Video of your session

This is the most popular package and is for the person, couple or family who wants to take their time and really get comfortable in the water. In this session you'll have more time to make the most of outfit changes and exploring creative possibilities with props, backdrops and posing.



• 4 Hour Stylized Session

• 16 Artistically Retouched Digital Images with print release

• Highlight Video of your session

• Leather Album of all of your retouched images ($350 value)

• Underwater Makeup Artist Included

Choose the VIP experience for a half day of pampering and creativity. This is a much more personalized shoot where we can take our time and you can get the extra attention you need. Together we can carefully plan and execute multiple concepts and even create extravagant sets with small and large props of your choice. With this option, the possibilities are endless!





  • We will begin with a pre-consultation over the phone or online to plan wardrobe and concepts. I have a large selection of gorgeous fabrics in all colors as well as a small selection of gowns for women in different styles, colors, and fit. There is no additional fee to use these in your session.

  • The session can take place at my studio pool or at the pool of your choice.

  • We can schedule a makeup artist ($75-$85) if you'd like to have your makeup professionally done on site the day of the shoot. I highly recommend this option if you know you would like to wear makeup but are unsure of how to do it waterproofed.

  • On the day of the shoot, I want you to be as comfortable a possible. Refreshments and light snacks will be available if we are shooting at my studio. The pool will be heated to a comfortable temperature.  A changing room, shower and extra towels are available for your use.

  • Once we enter the pool, we will spend time getting acquainted with the water. I will teach you methods for submerging including breath control and controlling your buoyancy. I'll show you what to do with your hands and hair and guide you in opening your eyes underwater. We will slowly progress, at your pace, to posing underwater, starting with the simplest of poses. We will take our time and not rush. I will show you photos as we go and offer feedback. The goal is for you to enjoy the experience and to get amazing photos!  

  • Anyone can pose underwater, including you! You don't even need to be a good swimmer - my pool starts at just 3 feet deep and goes to 6 feet, allowing us plenty of room and options to work in.


Choose your images

After your session, you will receive a gallery of your images from which you can choose your favorites for me to edit. I always remove pool borders, any pool debris as well as typical touchups like color enhancing, removing blemishes and even hairs that might fall in front of your face. 

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs or send me an email!