So, you've never taken pictures underwater before? I'm sure you have some questions! If you can't find the answer below send me a message.

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

When preparing for a shoot, we will discuss your wardrobe needs and plan out the looks you would like to achieve. I encourage people to think outside the box and go through their closets – to consider things you might not think to wear underwater, like jeans and a cute tank, heels, jackets or that ugly skirt you never thought you would wear again. Long and flowy fabrics are always a win and so much fun to work with underwater. A collection of fabrics in almost every color, clothing, jewelry and props can be provided on the day of your shoot. Undergarments Is your outfit sheer? If so consider if you will wear undergarments and choose those wisely to match. It is to my great advantage that my mother is a seamstress! In fact, she and I have ran a an Etsy shop for four years selling baby outfits, maternity gowns and bridal robes - all designed for photo shoots . Much of my large collection of gowns and dresses has been pulled from our online collections and has expanded over time by thrift-store finds, stuff from my own closet and from people donating their own pieces to the collection after their underwater shoot. Fabric takes on a whole new life when you put it underwater. That’s why I love thrift store finds - you can take something you would never think of wearing on a normal occasion and when you wear it underwater it becomes a beautiful thing. Seriously, when it comes to what to wear underwater, the possibilities are endless!

Can I use props?

Absolutely! What fun objects can we incorporate? Have a fun chair? What about Fruit? Flowers? Fun shapes? Headdresses? Let's get creative.

What do you recommend for makeup?

DO YOUR OWN MAKEUP Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are important, don’t fret too much over the rest. It’s okay to go a little heavier as colors tend to get washed out underwater. Bring backup makeup for touch ups. BOOK A MAKEUP ARTIST I work with several talented makeup artists who have the whole underwater makeup thing down. I’ve seen their makeup last perfectly for over 3 hours in the water. I always recommend booking a makeup artist when you book with me. It’s so nice to have that pampering before your shoot and the assurance that your makeup is going to look flawless. KEEP IT LOOKING FRESH! There is one major factor in keeping your makeup looking good in the water and that is making sure you don’t wipe or touch your face when you come out of the water. It is a natural reaction for everyone to wipe their face every time so it's important to make a very conscious effort to avoid it.

How should I do my hair?

Wearing it up If you’re doing an updo, it needs to be nice and tight, secured by extra bobby pins. I do not recommend hair pieces or accessories as your hair can easily get caught up in them and it will become a tangled mess. Most people wear their hair down Flowing hair is beautiful and although it occasionally will get in the way of your face, it adds a really fun element to the photos as it takes on a life of its own. When you wear your hair down, you don’t need to do anything to it. If you have curly hair, don’t bother straightening it. You can literally show up to your photo shoot with bed head! (How awesome is that?) Don’t even bother with hair products, in fact, it’s on my list of don’t do’s – it will come right out and in some cases will temporarily cloud up the water. If you have a fun hairstyle in mind we can always start with it styled and then go for a more loose look after. Wigs and Hair Extensions I’ve had people use clip on hair extensions before and they stayed in fine. If you’re going to use a wig, you will need it to be super secured. Also know that it probably will most likely ruin the wig if it’s a synthetic one. I am open to wigs but have never suggested them in the past as I think the first couple of times I’ve witnessed people using them, it was not a good turnout. However I have seen some gorgeous underwater photos with people using long, colorful wigs and they look amazing! Wear it down for a natural, flowing look wear it in a tight updo for a clean look or add in some fun extensions!

Will I need sunscreen?

You won't need sunscreen, as we will be shooting mostly in the shade. You will want to avoid wearing sunscreen and lotion, as it may come off and cloud the water.

What should I bring to the shoot?

- Your wardrobe selection, any props, jewelry
- Towel, maybe two
- A garbage bag or laundry basket to put your wet items in when you leave
- A change of clothes to go home in

What is your pool like?

It is shallow on one end and gradually gets deep to 6’. The water will be tested and balanced prior to the shoot and it will be as clean and clear as possible.

Will the water be warm? What if it is cold outside?

If you’re cold, it’s going to show and it just makes for an unpleasant experience! This is why I only shoot if it’s above 60 degrees outside and then the pool must be heated appropriately for the weather.* If the outdoor temperature is between 60-75 degrees the pool will be heated to 90 degrees and if the outdoor temperature is 75-90 degrees it will be heated to at least 85. Even if it’s a hot day and the water is cold, your body will get chilled quickly so I always make sure it’s a comfortable temp. I may have you go take a warm shower in the house to warm up your body temp if you do start to get chilled. I do not wear a wetsuit when I work with clients so that I can be fully aware of the conditions. * The pool is available to shoot in year-round and can be heated to 90 degrees at any time. Shooting in conditions less than 60 degrees outdoor temp is possible, if agreed upon by both parties. In this case, an extra fee may incur to account for heating the pool.