Collaboration with Model Libby Hill

Waiting out the few cold months that Texas brings can be a bit torturous for an underwater photographer if you aren't willing to heat your pool to near hot tub temps – (imagine that gas bill!) So you can imagine how eager I was to jump in the pool once I could rely on the warmer days that March brought, especially since I had a new Studio Pool.

So I spent March and part of April collaborating with some really amazing local talent. My first time back in the water in 2017 was with professional Model Libby Hill.

Libby came to me with experience and enthusiasm. Having modeled for an underwater commercial shoot in the past, she was prepared to just jump right in and do her thing. We explored many looks, including using coloful wraps that were gifted to her on a medical mission trip. The wraps are called "Parumas", from the Piriati Embera village in Panama.

I was impressed with her ability to translate her modeling skills into movement underwater. Her history as a dancer showed in her gracefulness.

As we were wrapping up the almost 3-hour shoot while our lighting faded, we discovered the burning potential of the pool light! Our time together couldn't have ended on a better note when her hair caught the light and she framed a bright "sun" creating the image I titled "Girl on Fire".

Enjoy these images we created together and follow Libby's Modeling Page HERE. Makeup and jewels by herself.

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