Balloons & Sequins

When Lauren showed up with a suitcase overflowing with colorful clothing and shoes, I felt like a kid with a brand new box of 120 crayons! Between my collection and hers, the wardrobe possibilities were endless but together we quickly narrowed down a few very different concepts for her first ever underwater photo shoot.

Getting used to submerging and opening her eyes underwater took getting used to, but that's the case with 98ish% of the people I work with in the water. As we worked together through a few instructions and tips, she became quite comfortable and her background in ballet and go-go dancing became obvious!

My favorite image from this shoot shows off her shoulder tattoo that honors her survival as a victim of not just one, but TWO drunk driving accidents.

The images from this session are a good example of how my editing style varies based on each individual image. I go into every shoot with the intention of creating art. A person's personality, wardrobe and posing all factor into the way I choose to edit a photo to tell a story.

If you're interested in experiencing a Custom Underwater Photo Session of your own, send me a message!

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