High School Sophomore Vladimir excels in both Water Polo and Swimming at Westwood High School

When Vladimir volunteered to help me explore shooting portraits for the sport of Water Polo, I had no idea that I would be privy to witnessing all of his other skills in the water, too! I've seen some bubble rings in my days as an underwater photographer but his were by far the best I've ever seen. Not sure what a "bubble ring" is? Watch the video below and you can also learn about how dolphins make bubble rings here.

Though most of Water Polo is played with heads and the ball above water, I wanted to achieve portraits entirely beneath the surface. This is not an easy feat with a ball full of air. Vladimir discovered that diving down to the bottom first and then rising with the ball proved to be an effective method for getting some great underwater shots with the ball. Now I am eager to meet more Water Polo athletes and teams and hopefully have more opportunities to explore underwater Water Polo portrait sessions!

If you're going to play the difficult sport of Water Polo, I suppose the prerequisite is being a good swimmer. It's pretty obvious, from the photos and video we got that he excels and will go far in the sport of swimming. He's one to watch – Vladimir is currently a Junior at Westwood High School and practices at Waterloo Swimming and Nitro Swimming.

Interested in an underwater session of your own? Learn about Custom Underwater Sessions and our Swim Team Underwater Photo Days (that also double as a fundraiser).

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