Underwater Maternity

It is always such an honor to capture such a special time in couple's lives, and even more when that couple is so gentle with each other and just downright beautiful.

K & C made the trip from Houston to my studio pool in Cedar Park where we spent the afternoon talking about how they met in Jamaica, how excited they are for their first-born baby boy and taking lots of beautiful photos in the water.

Starting with a stunner-of-a-red-dress, K gracefully glided through the water and executed what I consider to be "advanced" poses – she was a natural, that' for sure! I was also reminded of how much I LOVE RED UNDERWATER!!

We then moved on to the white dress that my mother and I designed specifically for this shoot. Lucky for me, my mom is a seamstress and specializes in designing and making maternity gowns for photo shoots. You can see how talented she is by checking out our ETSY shop here.

White is really beautiful if you are going for a soft look. I love how the extra tulle fabric we layered onto her dress makes for a gorgeous flowing look. We finished up our last look by incorporating gold and blue satin fabric into a few shots.

Enjoy this highlight video of their underwater maternity session:

Underwater maternity photo shoots are a wonderful, unique way to capture such a special time. You don't have to know how to model underwater, I can walk you through steps to get you comfortable and show you easy poses that result in images you've never even imagined.

If you'd like to schedule a maternity shoot of your own, send me a message! It would be an absolute honor to take your maternity photos.

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