Have Flashpool Productions at your next event! I'm talkin' about Underwater Photo Booths and

Recently I was asked to be a guest blogger for AWE EVENTS, a local Event Planning company. I was happy to talk about the services I offer such as Underwater Photo Booths and Mermaid Makeovers!

It's summer time in Texas - my absolute FAVORITE time of the year! Kids are out of school and everyone floods to Austin's natural bodies of water and pools. That's where you'll find me, but you might need a pair of goggles because I'll most likely be underwater. For the last 9 years I’ve been working in pools and oceans around the world, photographing every type of subject I can think of – underwater! Why, you ask? Because in my opinion, that perspective offers something so unique and beautiful that can not be achieved on land. I fell in love with the reflections on the surface, the effortless, weightless movements in the water and the calming nature of it all. But... there is once thing that’s not so calm and that is ​UNDERWATER PHOTO BOOTHS!

Just like your typical photo booth, my Underwater Photo Booth service comes with a backdrop assembled on-site and tons of goofy and fun props! It’s the perfect addition to any summer event and adults and love it! In fact, over Memorial Day weekend I did an adults-only party and it was a HIT. Not only is is fun for your guests to take turns dressing up and acting all quirky in front of the camera, but the photos also make for an awesome party favor when they get to download the images for free, afterwards.

​MERMAID MAKEOVERS Another service I provide is Mermaid Makeovers. We’ve teamed up with the local Mermaids at Sirenalia to offer you the experience of being transformed into a real live mermaid and have your photo taken out of the water and underwater, whilst swimming around sans-legs. This option is so fun for a group of friends, is an EPIC idea for a bachelorette party, and a wonderful idea for just yourself or your daughter, girlfriend, mother, or even merman-loving brother.

If mermaids aren’t your thing but you’re dying to take underwater photos, then I highly recommend organizing a Group Shoot with any number of your friends. With wardrobe, fabrics, props and light refreshments provided, it’s like a big dress up pool party! I’ll provide instruction on how to move and pose in the water and everyone will have the chance to create their very own underwater works of art. Best part, it’s free for the host! You can host it at my studio pool in Cedar Park or at the wet location of your choice.

Other genres of underwater photography that I provide:

Underwater Dogs (I’ll be doing a fundraiser for Austin Pets Alive in July to offer underwater dog photo sessions) Maternity Engagements Bridal Kids Photo Days for Swim Teams, Synchronized Swimmers and Water Polo Photo Days at Swim Schools Underwater Tea Parties Commercial

The Top Three Questions I Get: How did you get into this?! I spent a year living in New Zealand after college and made a wonderful friend and underwater photographer, Sarah Alice Lee of Salty Souls Photography. The uniqueness of underwater photography stuck with me until my travels landed me in Austin, TX, where I started my business! There was nothing like it at the time and I took the idea and ran with it. You must be a master diver? Hardly. I've actually only been on 4 diving trips, (most recently Thailand!) Since I mostly work in pools with people, I just need to hold my breath for 15-30 seconds, long enough to get a few shots. It's important for me to be able to communicate with the person I'm working with in between shots so that I can offer instant feedback. I have worn scuba gear for shoots in deeper pools and for shoots that require an underwater setup. This Underwater Mermaid Tea Party was in a 12 ft deep pool and took 4-5 hours to set up.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer to model underwater? No, you just need to be somewhat comfortable in the water. Anyone can do it - really! My studio pool is perfect to work out of for beginners, it's shallow on one end and goes to 6 feet on the other end. We'll take baby steps as I guide you through the water, offering tips and feedback along the way. At first you may find it challenging, but it eventually clicks for everyone and gets so much easier as you get used to submerging and just relaxing in the water. It's really a beautiful thing. If you’re interested in an underwater photo shoot of your own, I invite you to schedule a session with me. You don’t have to be a good swimmer, you just need to be fairly comfortable in the water. I’d love to introduce you to this the world of underwater photography - I promise, you’ll fall in love too.

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