8 Ways To Prepare For A Mermaid Photo Shoot

In the last few years “mermaiding” has become a thing. A big thing. There are tons of affordable silicon and fabric tails with plenty of mermaid accessories to go along with them! Recently, the mermaid community is overcome with capturing mermaid moments “under the sea.”

This is where underwater photography comes in. Before, those fancy underwater cameras were for old shipwrecks and colorful fish. Now you can get magical underwater professional pictures of you as a real mermaid. Be aware! It’s not as easy as it looks. Here are 7 tips to know before going into your first mermaid shoot.

8 Tips To Prepare For A Mermaid Shoot

1. Have A Game Plan

Know what you want out of this photo shoot and communicate it to your photographer. Look at other mermaid photography and get inspired. Do you want to do it in a pool? Or do you want a more natural look outside? Do you want it in a waterfall, river, lake, or in a bathtub? The best part is, there are a lot of options to choose from. Your photographer will have some great ideas but make sure you communicate what you envision. If you are going outside, make sure to stop by the location before hand so you know what rocks or water areas you can shoot, and if other visitors/animals will be a problem.

2. Practice putting on your Mermaid tail

Some silicone tails can weigh up to 40 pounds and take a while to get on. Fabric tails are made differently, so make sure you know how to insert the monofin before getting to the shoot. You don’t want to waste time at the photo shoot just getting the tail on.

3. You Might Need A MerWrangler

A merwrangler is someone who helps you move from one place to another. It’s a real thing! Merwranglers are usually a parent for children, and a big guy for adults! Once you get that tail on, you are not moving on land. Imagine being in an outdoor photo shoot and the photographer wants you to move one rock over. Without the use of your legs, it’s really difficult to get around. You can scoot on your bottom or your knees but you probably want to avoid that as it might damage your tail.

4. Swimming With A Tail, And Accessories

You will also want to practice swimming in your tail, and any other accessories you plan to wear. Underwater modeling is a whole different ball game. You have a lot to think about. Mermaid accessories are endless and with a shell bra, headpiece, and possible jewelry, you could feel awkward or panic in the water. Practice in a pool where you can stand up and then move to the deep end when more confident.

5. Mermaid Positioning

Now that your comfortable swimming with your mermaid tail and accessories, let's talk about poses. Getting an idea of poses and positions you would like is important, but realize, you can’t stay there for too long. Holding your breath will make you more buoyant, and you will eventually need more oxygen. Practice breath control, and getting into a holding position long enough for the photographer to get a few pictures. Some people use weight belts to help them sink but this is an advance technique, and should only be used with professionals present.

6. Relax Your Face!

Our first instinct when going underwater is to close our eyes, and purse our lips together. This looks terrible in photography! Get use to opening your eyes, and relaxing your face. If you feel comfortable with opening your mouth or smiling underwater great! That will make your pictures look more natural.

Also avoid taking a huge breath right before being submerged. You tend to hold most in your cheeks and you don’t want to look like an underwater chipmunk in your photos. Take a big breath and then focus on blowing some air out so your lung capacity is around 50%. This way you can also avoid blowing to many bubbles in the pictures when you need to release air.

7. What To Do About Makeup?

For any photoshoot, you want to look your best. Wearing waterproof makeup works well but the main thing is focusing on NOT TOUCHING YOUR FACE! This will smear whatever eye contour you worked so hard on. Just relax and have a towel close by to pat your face off if needed.

Some have asked about fake eyelashes which you glue on. These look great underwater but can be really temperamental. I wish I had the perfect answer but the truth is, they work for some people and not others. Some mermaids squint so hard when submerged that these fake eyelashes have no choice but to fall off. Others can stay put. Try them out for yourself so you know what works best for you.

8. My Hair Is Everywhere!

For those long haired mermaids, know that your hair will be everywhere. This can really make or break your photos. Don’t worry! Once you get the hang of it, your hair can create a beautiful and dynamic photo.

Once you are in position, push your hair down and do a little upwards “hop” with your body to give your hair some volume around your head. Or, you can tip your head all the way back and then with a quick motion, pull it forward bringing your hair out of your face.


There are a lot of things to focus on for an underwater mermaid photoshoot but the end product is magical. Take the time to practice with your tail and accessories, and spend some time in the water going over breath control, positions, and relaxing your face. You will never have an experience quite like this one so have fun and be safe!

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