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Underwater Photographer Sarah Teveldal of Flashpool Productions and traveling international model Astrid Kallsen have teamed up to create a space for underwater photographers and those interested in learning the art of movement in the water to come together co-create, collaborate and learn from one-another.

The workshops are held in luxurious, visually appealing settings along with the comforts of home-cooked meals by team members Lilah and Toby Bazarte. You can relax knowing that you will be treated with warm hospitality through-out your stay.

Our goal is to provide a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive experience that fosters inspiration and creativity in a safe, non-judgemental space. We aim to strengthen and unify the underwater art community one workshop at a time.

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to an exclusive workshop hosted on a southern lake front, 11,000 square foot chateau, just 15 minutes from the Atlanta airport




Our workshops are open to professional and aspiring models, male or female and anyone who is interested in learning the art of movement in the water – you do not need to be a "model", per se. Underwater photography is a beautiful medium and we are excited to share it with people of all backgrounds. Our goal is to provide you with guidance to learn new skills, or improve the skills you already have, ranging from basic to advanced modeling techniques. There is plenty of one-on-one time to ask questions, learn at your own pace and make the most of your time. 

You do not need to be a strong swimmer in order to attend, but you should be somewhat comfortable in the water. You will never be pushed out of your comfort zone and we will have assistants and safety measures in place. 

Must be 18+ or have a guardian attend if you are under 18


We invite underwater photographers or those interested in learning more about underwater photography to attend these workshops. Learning modeling techniques is valuable knowledge every underwater photographer should have and be able to pass on to their underwater subjects. 

The workshops are formatted for any skill level. If you are a beginner, this is a wonderful opportunity to get your feet wet (pun intended!) There will be opportunities to work closely with Sarah and ask questions. We work with the Canon 5DMarkII and 5DMarkIV with Sea and Sea housings and you are free to use them if you do not have your own gear.

If you're advanced, you can come dive right in and get busy working with models of all skill levels, including our instructor Astrid Kallsen and co-creating art in and out of the pool. We will be using natural light but you are welcome to bring your own lighting.

Must be 18+ or have a guardian attend if you are under 18


If you've been following along on social media, you've seen a glimpse into the incredible time we've had at our last workshops in Austin, Texas and Atlanta Georgia. There's no way to put into words how amazing the energy is when you fill a space with so many creative people. We want to continue to share that with others.

The luxury accomodation sets the stage for the creativity that will flow as we learn, grow and co-create. We will provide a small selection of wardrobe and fabrics to work with and you are encouraged to bring your own as well. 

The days are planned so that there are opportunities for us to work together as one group, as smaller groups and individual one-on-one time as well. There will be plenty of downtime for you to explore, network, take "dry" photos around the property or just rest and rejuvenate. We will take breaks for delicious, thoughtfully prepared nutritious meals to keep your energy going. 

We want you to walk away having been inspired in wherever you are at in your journey, taking with you the knowledge you learned in the water, out of the water and from each other.

Let's make waves together


Modeling Instruction Topics







buoyancy, sinking & floating 





as well as some modeling basics and the value of adding underwater work to your portfolio, if you're a professional

Underwater Photography Topics




using backdrops

working with your subject




Whether you're wanting to get your feet wet, or expand on the skills you already have, this workshop will give you the opportunity to learn as we touch on the basics of these topics and offer you the chance to practice with beginner and expert models.


"I flew from california to do this workshop and it was worth every penny! The food was amazing, the photographers were amazingly talented and awesome at giving feedback, and the location was beyond gorgeous, and who could forget about the amazing Astrid! Everyone was so patient with us underwater, and I never felt anything but positive vibes during my whole stay. I would love to join the next workshop no matter where it may be. This was a bucket list shoot for me and I can honestly say Sarah puts on a helluva workshop. You'd be silly not to sign up for this workshop. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself. You dont have to be a model to do this either! just be ready to learn and willing to trust the instructor and photographers."


—  Meranda


Astrid Kallsen

I’m an independent model based in Atlanta, Georgia. I started modeling in 2014 and modeling underwater in 2015 with and without a mermaid tail. I quickly became very experienced modeling on land and underwater through my passion and dedication for it! Now I tour all over the world modeling for photographers and designers.

I love modeling underwater because gravity no longer becomes a barrier.


I’m excited to show others how easy and peaceful it can be to model underwater. It is a difficult genre to handle at first, even for the most amazingly natural models but there are quite a few tricks that I can teach you so that you will be able to find control in the water. 


   This is a great experience for new and seasoned models and mermaids. Modeling underwater opens the door to new possibilities and I can't wait to show you the beauty of it all.

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Sarah Teveldal

Underwater photography has been an absolute passion of mine for the last decade and I love sharing it with others in any way that I can.


This passion has taken me around the world. I've photographed babies, mermaids, models, pregnant women, couples, sea life, tea parties, brides and grooms, athletes, dogs, pageant queens and products in the water and am always looking for my next subject.

Astrid was one of the first models I ever worked with in the water and she opened my eyes to the valuable experience of working with a professional model.  I am excited to team up with her to put on this workshop.


With 13 years of combined experience, we are looking forward to sharing all that we've learned with you, while enjoying amazing surroundings, new friendships and creative vibes. Plus, you will get to take home with you amazing images you will be proud of.

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Lilah Bazarte

I have spent the last 14 years of my life discovering, & creating experiences that engage the senses and bring an awareness into the body in a way that helps it perform and feel it's best.


I love being able to help others learn how to take care of their bodies so that they can continue to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


My mission in life is to live with passion.

I look forward to using the simple pleasures, healthy organic foods and the mindful movement of yoga to help you feel your best for your photo shoot workshop. 

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Photos from our Austin Workshop. Atlanta images coming soon...