When you schedule an underwater photo session you will not only be welcomed into a backyard oasis, but also my home.


The creative options are endless with a large collection fabrics, props and wardrobe.


Sessions run smoothly with an outdoor changing area and covered patio.


The pool gradually goes from a wading area to 6 feet deep, making it ideal for all types of shots. It is pale blue in color making for a nice, neutral backdrop for images.

Sessions are scheduled during times of the day where lighting is optimal and controlled and the overhanging trees act as a natural filter for the day's sun.

You're invited to schedule your underwater session here at the studio or the pool of your choice.


I'm Sarah, the owner of Flashpool Productions.

Growing up in South Dakota, over 1000 miles away from the nearest coastline, I would have never imaged that my life would revolve around being underwater to live out my passion.


My story of becoming an underwater photographer starts when I moved to New Zealand and spent a year traveling, working and learning about the world in ways that no school can teach.


It was there that I first witnessed babies being photographed underwater. I couldn't believe it - they were opening their eyes and smiling. 

Now I live in Austin, Texas! This incredible city has an amazing energy about it as well as a thriving and supportive creative community. Here, I feel like I can do anything and so I've poured my heart and passion into building a diverse underwater photography business of my own.


Anyone can do an underwater photo shoot. It may even change the way you see yourself! If you're interested in an underwater photo shoot of your own, I invite you to schedule a session with me.

 I promise, you'll fall in love, too.

My favorite thing about underwater photography is the that most of what makes up a shot is at the mercy of the water – from the position of your body, to the flow of fabrics, to the reflections from the surface of the water, shots are less planned and instead, just "happen". There's a little bit of magic that happens in every photo shoot and it makes me fall in love every single time.

Posing underwater can be quite difficult!  But really, anyone can do it.


At almost every shoot there is a point when posing in front of the camera underwater just "clicks" for people. At that moment, I'll see an excitement in their eyes even an emotional connection with the water. This energy translates into their images and people are amazed at what they are capable of!

The crazier the idea, the better!

I love shooting all different kinds of concepts underwater and am always looking for new ideas and my next big challenge. 

If you have a crazy idea that you'd like to try to execute underwater, let's talk!

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